Penmex Reveal How to Create a Winning Mindset

penmex winning mentality

Whilst there are many definitions of what an entrepreneurial mindset should be, sales and marketing firm Penmex have investigated the key elements and thought processes they believe can lead to entrepreneurial success.

Penmex left feeling motivated and inspired after business meetings in London

Penmex inspired by business meetings

Sales and marketing firm, Penmex were left feeling inspired after their Managing Director, Kirsty Pennal, travelled to London to attend some important business seminars.

Penmex Ltd reveal the 5 lessons only failure can teach us

Penmex, lessons learned out of failings

When their careers are deconstructed and looked at closely, even the most successful entrepreneurs will have a history of failures, and supporters of entrepreneurship Penmex subscribe to the belief that it is failures that help to establish someone as a success.