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Penmex are stunned by new figures showing British consumers wouldn’t care if 94% of brands disappeared.

Penmex feel that brands need to up their game if they are to reinvigorate the British consumer’s loyalty.

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Make your products irresistible to customers using Penmex’s advice

Penmex in Edinburgh shares their secrets to creating a highly desirable product that will generate high demand from customers.

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Penmex Ltd Return from American Awards in Baltimore

The Managing Director of Edinburgh based sales and event marketing firm, Kirsty Pennal recently returned from an exciting trip to America, where she spent 3 days networking in New York before attending the prestigious 2015 USA Sales and Marketing Awards in Baltimore.

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Penmex: Are female entrepreneurs still facing massive hurdles?

Although female entrepreneurship is on the rise, studies have revealed that women still face a number of huge challenges when starting a business. Penmex reveals what needs to be done for women to be seen equal to men in the business world.

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Penmex entrepreneurial boom in the UK

Penmex Reviews Study Highlighting a Booming Entrepreneurial Britain

Strong promoters of entrepreneurship Penmex reviews the findings of a new study that shows Briton’s, especially those in the younger generation, are generating more than 13,000 new business ideas an hour.

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Penmex Pleased as Supermarket Giant Embraces Personalisation

As a face-to-face event marketing firm, Penmex have long believed personalisation to be key to forming better customer relationships and increasing ROI. The firm have reviewed recent claims from Waitrose who have announced they will be implementing more personalised customer strategies.

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Penmex Concerned as Consumer Confidence Drops

Despite the widespread uncertainty that was rife throughout the UK, with the election now over, new research has found that consumer confidence is still at a low. Penmex review the research and share why they believe it’s so important for brands to do all they can to reassure customers.

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Penmex Gears up to Travel to 2015 Sales and Marketing Awards in London

Edinburgh based company Penmex get excited to travel to London for the 2015 Sales and Marketing Awards at the weekend.

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Big Changes in Store for Penmex as They Announce Glasgow Expansion

To meet the increasing demand from their clients, Penmex have announced they will be expanding their market reach into Glasgow in two weeks’ time.

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