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Penmex Gears up to Travel to 2015 Sales and Marketing Awards in London

Edinburgh based company Penmex get excited to travel to London for the 2015 Sales and Marketing Awards at the weekend.

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Big Changes in Store for Penmex as They Announce Glasgow Expansion

To meet the increasing demand from their clients, Penmex have announced they will be expanding their market reach into Glasgow in two weeks’ time.

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Penmex Branding

How can Penmex help your brand?

Penmex is an outsourced sales brand based in Edinburgh. The firm helps brands to grow their business, acquire more customers and increase brand loyalty.

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Penmex Geolocation sales

Penmex Reveal 3 Surprising Benefits of Geolocation in Sales

Edinburgh based sales and marketing specialists Penmex offer their top three reasons as to why geolocation targeting can optimise and improve the success rate of the sales process.

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Penmex Time Management

Penmex Ltd set to implement new time management formula

With time management and productivity playing a huge role in business success, new business Penmex Ltd reveals how the firm is set to implement a new time management formula to increase and sustain productivity in the workplace.

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More Briton’s will be inspired to start businesses as costs reach record low claims Penmex

Specialists in customer acquisition, Penmex believe more Briton’s will be inspired to start their own business in response to the recent news that overall business costs fell for the first time in six years.

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Penmex travelling

Penmex Return from Business Trip to Poland and Implement ‘Urgent Sales Strategy’

A sense of urgency can be hugely beneficial for businesses, especially small businesses who may not have the money to out-do competitors. A sense of urgency and responsiveness can make that company the best choice for clients and consumers because they are clearly willing to get things done when necessary and not leave people hanging […]

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Penmex first impression

Penmex: How to make a positive first impression

First impressions are important not only in business but also in life and they can be extremely hard to shake. The first impression sets the tone for future business or personal relations. According to research there is only a seven second window upon first meeting someone to make a good impression. As a company specialising […]

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Penmex communication advice

Penmex’s Insightful Guide to Better Client Communication

In a fast-changing market, Edinburgh based firm, Penmex, outlines the various ways businesses can communicate with their clients, to ensure a quality and consistent service and relationship is maintained.

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