As a company that passionately promotes personal and professional development, Edinburgh-based direct marketing and sales specialists Penmex claims people need to get obsessed with personal development if they want to get to the top.

Entrepreneur and Managing Director at Penmex, Kirsty Pennal argues that the rewards for those who invest the time to grow mentally are huge. Self-confessed development fanatic, Ms. Pennal considers her commitment to learning the impetus for her success. “I have a thirst for knowledge, and I am always seeking out opportunities to learn, grow and develop,” she said. This past week, Ms. Pennal hosted a workshop for the firm’s staff and contractors explaining if they want to get to the top, they have to get obsessed with continuous professional development.

Penmex encourages development by offering one on one coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as hosting workshops, seminars and attending industry conferences. Ms. Pennal recently travelled to London to attend an industry conference. Indeed, the business owner regularly travels nationally and internationally to attend such events as she recognises the value they provide.

There are many negative connotations to the word obsessed. However, the famous quote, “obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated,” is one Ms. Pennal’s favourites. As a growing firm with massive expansion goals, Penmex needs to find ambitious, self-motivated and committed individuals who are excited about the prospect of both personal and professional development. The firm has an internal development program, specifically aimed towards graduates and career-minded individuals who crave the opportunity develop an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

For Penmex, personal development is all about progress. The firm cultivates an environment where education is at the forefront. “Too many people stand still and fail to achieve their goals because they get comfortable. They stop learning and stop setting goals. Comfort zones are great things, but nothing ever grows there,” said Ms. Pennal.

Based in Edinburgh, Penmex is a direct sales and marketing firm, specialising in customer acquisition through business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing strategies. Established in response to the consistent demand for alternative below the line marketing solutions, the firm provides businesses with effective tailor-made marketing solutions that are interactive and personalised. Since their launch in 2014, Penmex has continued to exceed expectations and break records, and they attribute much of that success to their focus on development.