Managing Director at Penmex, Kirsty Pennal travelled to Newcastle recently after receiving an invitation to be a keynote speaker at an industry leadership seminar.

Ms Pennal argues that leadership is one of the most crucial foundations for success in business. “If you want to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner, mastering the art of leadership is imperative. You have to be able to make people buy into you, and your ideas and follow your lead to work towards a common goal,” said Ms Pennal.

This was the first speaking engagement of the year for Ms Pennal, and she was excited to get back to doing what she loves, inspiring and motivating people, and helping them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Held at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead on Sunday February 12th, sales and marketing professionals from all over the UK travelled to Newcastle to attend the eagerly anticipated event. The main objective of the conference was leadership development, and this was set-up by tailoring the guest speakers and information to match attendees business development level. Upon arrival, people were divided into two groups, the first comprising of rookie sales and marketing professionals, and the second group made up of more experienced entrepreneurs.

Ms Pennal was asked to give speeches to both groups on differing subjects. Those in group one heard from guest speakers on the following points; business basics, goal setting, developing a winning mentality, business development and fast-tracking the road to success. Ms Pennal took to the podium, delivering a speech on mastering the art of sales.

After the lunchtime break, Ms Pennal then gave a speech to the room of more experienced entrepreneurs on the subject of what it takes to become a business owner where she covered the key attributes for business success; an incredible work ethic, student mentality and the will to win. Other guest speakers addressed the attendees on how to build an A-team, coaching and mentoring, how to run successful business trips, the importance of building a personal brand, what it takes to be an entrepreneur and the difference between being a leader and a boss.

Penmex were established in response to an ever-growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions. The firm specialises in below-line customer acquisition by providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing solutions. Commenting on her trip to Newcastle Ms Pennal said, “One of the greatest aspects of being a business owner, besides the autonomy, is the opportunity to help other people achieve their goals and that is one of my biggest missions.”

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