Award winning entrepreneur and Managing Director at Penmex, Kirsty Pennal added to her growing list of speaking engagements as she took to the stage to address attendees at a recent industry conference. 

The quarterly event is attended by sales and marketing professionals from all over the UK and is organised to provide attendees with information to help them assess and evaluate their progress and to achieve their goals in the next quarter.

Held at the Hilton Carlton Edinburgh on Sunday September 10th, delegates gathered in the Roseberry room for a 10 a.m. start time. The itinerary for the conference included five guest speakers, among them, were some of the most promising business owners within the sales and marketing industry, with some award winners from the 2017 Sales & Marketing Awards. Each speaker had a specialist subject to address attendees on, with topics discussed including; mastering the basics of sales and marketing, laying solid business foundations, the importance of goal setting, how to separate yourself from competitors, how to coach and mentor aspiring professionals, how to have critical conversations and the important role of social media and building a personal brand.

Ms Pennal was thrilled to be invited to speak at the event and was delighted to be given a chance to speak on two subjects which were laying strong business foundations and how to coach, mentor and develop others. “Since becoming a business owner, I have developed a real passion for mentoring aspiring professionals. It gives me great satisfaction to see someone taking the advice I have given them and applying it to progress their career,” commented Ms Pennal.

After the conference came to a close, delegates had the opportunity to mingle and network during a cocktail hour. At Penmex, networking is something that they urge all aspiring entrepreneurs to master. “Building a strong and diverse network of like-minded professionals is critical to business success. My journey as an entrepreneur and business owner has been moulded by my mentors,” commented Ms Pennal.

Penmex is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They personalise the consumer buying experience by developing face-to-face marketing campaigns for their client’s marketing requirements. They frequently attend industry events like the one earlier this month. Continued education and development are part of the company’s philosophy as they strive to expand and become the leading event marketing firm in the UK.