For job seekers, deciding between working for an established organisation or a smaller, younger company can be incredibly difficult. Here, Penmex has investigated whether size matters when it comes to professional progression.

As job seekers look to find their newest venture, it can be a common confusion when deciding to pursue a well-established company or a fresh and innovative firm. Naturally, both draw positives into the equation. However, Penmex a successful sales and marketing specialist, urges job seekers to focus on sourcing a company that matches their core principles, and goals for the future. Surveys have indicated that people who secure a position in a company that has similar values offer higher job satisfaction and those people are more likely to be successful within the firm.

Penmex is keen to educate the job seeker on the pros and cons of working for a large and a small company;

Stepping into the big leagues – Larger firms tend to have specific departments, and this allows for professional targeted progression to occur. Many people would associate working with a larger company as being more stable and that derives from clear job functionality and pre-worked progression paths.

Small size, big possibilities – Working for a smaller company doesn’t mean slow advancement, but before accepting a position it is important know smaller firms often have a more unified working culture where everyone is expected to share duties and get the job done, regardless of hired role. Smaller companies often have a more supportive culture, and all projects hold a greater significance to the business and require additional enthusiasm and commitment to quality. Anyone looking for a challenge would relish the challenge of working within a smaller firm and often duties will be set that accelerate personal development, as the task may be set outside current skill levels. Those with an entrepreneurial mindset are often widely successful within small businesses as they create opportunities for themselves within the firm and therefore tailor their development.

Penmex is confident that those without an extensive database of experience can climb the ladder quicker within a small business. Often small businesses are keen to spot raw talent and nurture that individual into a greater asset to the firm. Furthermore, as a small business develops and expands higher level positions will become available and progression can be easier, meaning career routes can be tailored more so than in a larger organisation.

Based in Edinburgh, Penmex is a direct sales and marketing firm, specialising in customer acquisition through business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing strategies. Established in response to the consistent demand for alternative below the line marketing solutions, the firm provides businesses with practical tailor-made marketing solutions that are interactive and personalised. Since their launch in 2014, Penmex has continued to exceed expectations and break records, and they attribute much of that success to their focus on development.


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