Edinburgh-based event marketing experts Penmex work hard to create a culture where happiness and success are intertwined, and the firm recently held a workshop on the link between the two.

At Penmex they argue that happiness and success go hand in hand. The firm were previously awarded the accolade of ‘third best company to work for’ in the Scottish Capital, scoring a 4 out of 5 on the Glassdoor star rating system.

Managing Director Kirsty Pennal believes it is the company’s unique fun, friendly and nurturing working environment that motivates and inspires people to reach their full potential through ongoing coaching and mentoring.

The firm recently held a workshop, exploring the link between happiness and success, where Ms Pennal revealed the top tips to boost happiness.

  1. Stop dwelling on the past

There is a famous quote that Penmex reference ‘don’t look back, you’re not going that way’, and the firm argues that dwelling on the past prevents people from living in the present, or focusing on improving their future. “The past can’t be changed, dwelling on it is a waste of energy. Focus on what’s to come, not what’s been,” said Ms Pennal.


  1. Turn off social media

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that there is a link between excessive social media usage and depression. Researchers showed that people post the best versions of themselves online and therefore it’s not real-life. At Penmex they urge people to disconnect from social media, and live in the real world rather than vicariously through others.


  1. Celebrate the small stuff

There are 1440 minutes in every day, celebrate the small stuff states Penmex. The happiest people have a ‘glass half full’ mentality, and they see the positive in everything. During the workshop Penmex encouraged their staff and contractors to celebrate small stuff. Something pleasant is bound to happen every day, no matter how small it still has significance, and therefore it’s important to show appreciation for the little things in life.

  1. Don’t let a bad experience affect your whole day

All too often, people allow one negative experience to affect their whole day. Unpleasant events happen to everyone; it’s how they choose to react to those that truly matters. At Penmex they encourage people to spend less time dwelling on negative thoughts, and open themselves up to receiving happier ones.


“When people are happy and positive, they become more engaged, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive and that is why we work hard to create a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment where fun and success are intertwined,” said Ms Pennal.


Penmex were established in response to an ever-growing need for below-the-line marketing solutions. The firm specialises in below-line customer acquisition by providing cost effective, measurable and tailor-made marketing solutions.


SOURCE:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/289722

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