Edinburgh-based event marketing experts Penmex have been focusing on achieving optimum productivity levels, and to do so, the firm recently held a workshop teaching their staff and contractors how to beat procrastination.

Living in a digital age the distractions are everywhere, and people’s attention spans seem to be shorter than ever argues Penmex. The firm hosted a workshop this week where Managing Director Kirsty Pennal explained how to beat procrastination to achieve maximum productivity.

  1. Know where you are going

Penmex believes that for people to follow through on their goals, it’s vital to have a vision and know where they are going. “You have to have an end goal to justify all the hard work and small, daily tasks that are necessary to get there,” commented Ms Pennal.

At Penmex, they encourage their staff and contractors to have a goal so they can focus on the bigger picture. “Know what your goal is, when you want to get there and what it takes to achieve it,” commented Ms Pennal.

  1. Tell people your goals

Ms Pennal believes that accountability is one of the best ways for someone to follow through on their goals. “When you tell someone your plans then you are less likely to give up when the going gets tough,” commented the Penmex MD. The event marketing specialists also believe that sharing goals can open up possibilities for help and support.

  1. Identify distractions

For most people, smartphones are the biggest cause of distraction, with constant notifications to tempt a break in focus. Penmex urges young professionals to determine the sources of distraction for them and work to eliminate them.

  1. Change the path not the goal

The road to success is full of ups and downs, and setbacks are not a sign to change a goal, they are a diversion in the road claims Penmex. Entrepreneur and business owner, Kirsty Pennal has experienced many setbacks on her business journey and is urging aspiring entrepreneurs not to give up and just to find a new way to make their goal a reality.

  1. Think positive

Success is a mindset and a positive attitude attracts positive results argues Penmex. Penmex believe that as long as someone possesses a positive attitude, they can achieve anything.

Penmex is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They personalise the consumer buying experience by developing face-to-face marketing campaigns for their client’s marketing requirements. The firm is committed to achieving both quality and quantity results for their clients and their focus on productivity plays a pivotal role in that.