Penmex pride themselves on their ability to form solid customer connections and provide their clients with customers who remain loyal to their brand. The Edinburgh based marketing and sales experts have in a recent workshop pinned down the three steps their contractors can focus on to improve their customer retention.


Face to Face Sales

Penmex believes that they can offer a strong ROI to their clients through face to face sales. When a customer is approached by another human research suggests that they have a more personal connection to the brand. This personal connection then instils trust within the customer that they have purchased something that they will want to return to.


Use your words wisely

Penmex believes that not all words are created equal. Some words encourage customers to invest more time and effort into the product in question. For example, research demonstrates that: ‘free’ and ‘new’ usually results in better leads. When customers hear these terms they instantly believe they will enjoy their purchases more than they would have otherwise. Penmex believes that all of their contractors need to consider the customer demographics before highlighting the words they should utilise.


Stand for something

Research from the Corporate Executive Board outlined that customers who said they had a strong relationship with a brand stated that they had shared values as the primary reason behind their brand loyalty. Penmex highlight that it is the job of their workforce to compute the shared values they believe will resonate with their target market.


Moving forward Penmex wants their contractors to work on perfecting these steps to help build great brand loyalty for their clientele. The firm’s Managing Director Kirsty Pennal recently stated that “it is just as important to retain old customers than it is to make new ones, I hope this most recent workshop has instilled the importance of customer retention in our contractors”. She remains positive that if her workforce sticks to these three key steps the company can only move from strength to strength in Q4.


About the Firm

Penmex has established in response the ever-growing need for below the line marketing solutions. They provide specialised below line customer acquisition through cost effective, measurable and tailor made marketing solutions.