Penmex Ltd has shared some of the skills which are often overlooked in the business environment, yet they are necessary to succeed.

With more than half of UK businesses valuing soft skills more than academic qualifications, Penmex, Edinburgh’s fastest growing sales and marketing firm are urging everyone not to overlook the importance of continually developing Emotional intelligence.   Businesses who are looking to achieve sustainable success need to consider offering opportunities to improve soft skills as these are considered fundamental to long term success of every business.

Penmex reveals the top five soft skills that will take any person or business to the next level:

  1. Interpersonal skills – as businesses grow they will need to expand their workforce. This emphasis on team work requires everyone to have excellent communication skills. Good negotiation skills and ability to build rapport should be a must for every individual in any company.
  2. Communication skills – measurable through a person’s ability to understand and empathise with others and demonstrate an ability to adapt to varying environments and scenarios. A person needs to have confidence in listening and extracting critical information to be a master of communication.
  3. Critical thinking skills – Understanding each situation has varying perspectives depending on their involvement in the situation. Success will be determined through consideration of varying outcomes for everyone involved, and this affects creative team simultaneously.
  4. Personal development skills – the end goal is always to achieve a competitive ad-vantage over competitors, ensuring that individuals existing and new are offered opportunities to develop personally and professionally to maintain relevance within the market.
  5. Leadership skills – professionals should develop skills that allow them to work independently and act as an influencer from within a team. The leader should always look to consider views and wellbeing of others and facilitates conditions for positive things to happen.

Penmex is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They personalise the consumer buying experience by developing face-to-face marketing campaigns for their client’s marketing requirements. The firm is committed to achieving both quality and quantity results for their customers, and their focus on productivity plays a pivotal role in that.

Penmex offers their staff and contractors free workshops centred around developing key business skills, and these frequently include enhancing soft skills that are imperative to the sustainability of the firm.  By offering opportunities to develop they can maintain a competitive edge in the market for their clients.