Managing Director at Penmex, Kirsty Pennal, was inspiring the next generation of business owners this past week. The award-winning entrepreneur and director at Penmex was among a number of speakers selected to impart knowledge and wisdom at an industry conference.  

The meeting was held at the 4-star Sandman Hotel, in Newcastle City Centre. The conference was organised by one of Ms Pennal’s business mentors, with the aim to bring together entrepreneurs and business owners from across the region.

The meeting was attended by a handpicked group of sales and marketing professionals from all across the UK, who are at a pivotal stage in their business development, with the objective to provide them with knowledge and motivation to hit their goals for Q4 and progress their career.

The meeting started with a fun and inspiring task where the aspiring entrepreneurs were asked to complete paperwork for their own business including company name, mission and vision.  “Writing something down can have an incredibly powerful effect and for those individuals, completing that paperwork was extremely motivating and created a real sense of urgency,” commented Ms Pennal.

After the introduction, the business owners at the event addressed attendees on a subject of expertise including; building a company and brand identity, how to run a phenomenal business trip, replacing yourself a leader and managing and motivating a team. Ms Pennal was the last business owner in the group to take to the stage, where she spoke on the subject of forging successful relationships in business, an issue that she is passionate about.

After Ms Pennal had finished her speech, the panel of keynote speakers sat down for a thirty minute Q&A session where delegates had the chance to ask questions based on what they had heard as well as learning more about the background of the speakers.

After the meeting ended, delegates were invited to the Shark Club where the event organiser had booked a private booth for drinks and the chance to feast on the famous chicken wings.

Penmex is an Edinburgh-based event-marketing firm. They personalise the consumer buying experience by developing face-to-face marketing campaigns for their client’s marketing requirements. The company is committed to assisting contractors to learn, grow and develop and that simultaneously keeps the business moving forward. Ms Pennal was thrilled to add another engagement to her speaking portfolio and hopes to add more later this year.